Nintendo 3DS review: Best of all the remote gaming consoles

Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS

Launched first as Nintendo DS in 2011, Nintendo has come a long way and marked its new product Nintendo 3DS in the market. Super Mario, Gameboy, SNES are the magnificent you might have heard due to the Nintendo consoles only. Nintendo has given this remote console in every age group hand to play and have fun in the games. You can explore latest video games at best rates with Amazon Coupon Code Online.


Since the UK release back in 2004, the portable remote control has gone under many changes and that we can see in the model names which changed too frequently like the DS Lite, the DSi and the DSi XL. Some had big or smaller screens, others have cameras and some had better battery life.
But the core remained the same with a small book shaped device which can behold dual screen with screen touch to bring better gaming experience. The new Nintendo 3DS is the future remote gaming console.
The Nintendo 3DS is sleek and shinier than its predecessors with same dual-screen and touch sensitivity. The fresh thing about this model is that the top screen can give you full auto-stereoscopic 3D gaming experience i.e having 3D experience without needing 3D glasses.

Features and hardware specs

Nintendo 3DS is sized at approximately 135mm x 74mm x 20mm which makes it thicker than DSi but a little compact. The device weighs near around 8 ounces.
The device is bit sleeker and gets curved corners, angled edges and shiny finish. The lid packs two cameras this time on top of the panel. Lifting the lid gives you a great design inside with black ethos and glossy border on the front face of 3DS. A neat and clean look by the company!
The 3DS don’t feel too premium when in hands. The d-pad, face, and shoulder buttons are tiny which will give you clicky feeling. The device comes along with a new analog nub called the Circle Pad. This is where 3DS beats PSP hands down. Manu portable game consoles are trying to achieve it and Nintendo has shown them how to do it. Though this is not the perfect one, still it is better than the Sony’s flat nub.
The Circle Pad is responsive and functions alright. Coming to the screen, the lower one is LCD with resistive touch capabilities which can be controlled by your finger or 4mm stylus. The screen is of 3.02 inches with 320 x 240 resolution. The top screen uses lenticular lens technology to create a 3D image.
The 3.53 inches LCD display gives you 800 x 240 pixel resolution this time which is far better than the DSi screen that was 256 x 192. The device does perfectly fine in both 3D and 2D arena.
As per reports, the device under the hood has a twin ARM11 266 MHz processor and the PICA200 GPU from Digital Media Professionals. Moreover, it packs a 1.5GB of flash storage, 63MB of RAM and 4MB of dedicated video memory. It also gets a motion-sensor and Gyroscope.
Nintendo 3DS is powered by a battery which will provide 3-5 hours while playing games.


The 3D thing in this Nintendo device majorly focuses on depth. Also, it gets a slider on top panels which will allow gamers to adjust the depth level. So, you can find the ‘sweet spot’ and pay according to that.
There are no lags and the device performs amazingly in the gaming department. It is also used as a 3D camera with a 640 x 480 resolution. The camera gives you grainy images and you might feel disappointed by it after playing 3D games on Nintendo. If you wish to play latest video games for 2019 then can choose to buy with Flipkart Offers on electronics items.


Nintendo 3DS is a great portable gaming console with many capabilities like you can watch and play 3D games without actually using 3D glasses, augmented reality drives you and also, gives you the best graphics when compared to its predecessor. But, the device only gives 3-5 hours of battery life which you might find odd and also the camera doesn’t craft the images well. But, overall it is a great product to put hands on. It is replaced by 3DS XL though, you must head there if you want to purchase the product.


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