“Best” Whatsapp Dare Games For Boys, Girls, Friend, Lover, Family – 2019[Updated]

Whatsapp Dare Games
Whatsapp Dare Games

Which app has a billion users , very few bug reports and almost no negative reviews?

Yes , it’s WhatsApp. The problem nowadays is that WhatsApp is still useful , but what about the fun there used to be ? Did the chat with your friend reach a standstill ? The chat with your crush going nowhere ? Do you want an excuse to get people talking about something other than good morning messages ?

Whatsapp Dare Games

Here comes a fun way, start drumroll, it’s the Whatsapp Dare Games. Yes, you could think that people won’t respond or it’s too much, but wait. WhatsApp is not supposed to be your social life, it’s supposed to help you connect in reality. Presenting to you a set of dares so real, so virtual that absolutely guarantee fun. If your friends don’t want to do the dare, feel free to set whatever punishment you deem fit. Just out up a story of any dare you like, wait for a reply, and see the fun!
If someone in particular texts you back, remember to change the dares, as there is no actual rule.

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Ok, that was a lie. There is just one rule. Have fun safely guys!
To spice up your social life, you require a set of dares unique to the circle. If you want to get things going with your friends, here is a set of dares :

Dare 1: Choose one and I will tell something about your personality.

  • Blue Sea
  • Black Universe
  • Sunset
  • Grass
  • White cloud


  • Blue Sea = calm
  • Black Universe = Devil
  • Sunset = Charming
  • Grass = Beautiful
  • White cloud= Emotional

The story above will not only give your close friends something to talk or argue about , it could also delve into meaningful conversations with acquaintances. It adds a bit of personal touch to the conversation. Next time they see you , you could potentially see their eyes shine !
Here’s another game that you can use , which is fun :

Dare 2: If today is my last day on earth, what will be your last message for me choose a number from 1 to 10.


  • I love you
  • You will be missed
  • The earth is saved
  • You are an alien
  • Please don’t go
  • Go away, you will not be missed at all
  • Please stay
  • I like you a lot
  • I can’t forget you ever
  • You will be with me forever

Though these messages seem like something you would send your romantic partner, remember that these are things you could say to anyone around. It could help you two open up!

This is a set of questions , that rather than calling it a dare , it should be more about “Truth”. They should dare themselves to open up , but this one will definitely put a smile on both your faces after the replies.

Dare 3: Choose a number from 1 to 10 and I will ask you a simple question


  • What is your most embarrassing moment?
  • What is your least favourite nickname?
  • Who did you kissed for the first time ever?
  • Who was your first BF/GF?
  • What is your favourite movie?
  • What is your scariest moment of your life?
  • What is the habit that you hate the most?
  • Tell me the name of your BF/GF.
  • If you have to describe me in one word, what the word would be?
  • Do you love me?

Here is a set of dares that tries to speak about one’s character. These qualities could be true, or it need not be. But one thing about this game is that the compliments you give the other person will make them blush!

Dare 4: Select one from the below and I will tell you exactly who you are

  • 000
  • 111
  • 222
  • 333
  • 444
  • 555
  • 666
  • 777
  • 888
  • 999


  • Honest and Caring person
  • Cool Dude
  • Responsible
  • Passionate lover
  • Angry and short tempered
  • Care free
  • Hard Worker
  • Smart
  • Killer Attitude
  • Play boy

After going through such intense dares on WhatsApp, here is one that is mostly meaningless, just meant to harmlessly tease the other person. It’s just for fun. You could get into fake arguments with each other. This could make some inside jokes that shall make everyone around jealous about what’s going between you two!

Dare 5: Select the number from 1 to 20 and I will call you by the name


  • Sweetheart
  • Idiot
  • Tube light
  • Dear
  • Darling
  • Handyman
  • Donkey
  • Honey
  • Monkey
  • My Love
  • Beautiful
  • Saint
  • Baby
  • Gaddha
  • Stupid
  • Sweety
  • Janu
  • Lovely
  • Tubelight
  • Idiot

After going through so many numbers , here is a dare that takes place in real life. Why ,people may ask. Just no reason at all ! These dares are more of ways you can hang out with people. If you want something else with the person , change the dare to make sure you have something exciting the both planned !

Dare 6: Select your favorite color and get ready for the dare.

  • Red.
  • Blue.
  • Green.
  • Yellow.
  • Purple.
  • Black.
  • White.
  • Pink.
  • Orange.
  • Brown.
  • Gray.
  • Gold.
  • Silver.
  • Violet.
  • Beige


  • Go out on a date with me
  • Kiss me
  • Give me an ice-cream treat
  • Go out on a long drive with me
  • Propose me in a cute way
  • Give me chocolates
  • Hug me next time you see me
  • Make a video call right now
  • Send me an audio saying how much you love me
  • Throw a party
  • Surprise me on my birthday
  • Recharge my phone for Rs. 100
  • Send me your picture right now
  • Send me your funny picture
  • Say you love me

The next set of dares are a mix of funny dares , pranks and some questions which you couldn’t ask with a jovial tone before. These dares have lot going on , which will bring a little bit of answers to you in a fast moving confusing world !

Dare 7: Select an alphabet from A – Z and get ready for dare:


  • If 1 is ugly and 10 is handsome, how do I look?
  • The thing you like most in me
  • The thing you do not like in me
  • Tell me your deepest secret
  • Tell me your first BF/GFs name
  • Tell me your most embarrassing moment
  • Have you had sex?
  • Tell me the one incident when you have hurt someone
  • Your most memorable day
  • One bad thing you say every one about me
  • Make my picture your DP for next twenty four hours
  • Have you ever proposed to someone?
  • How many times you have been proposed?
  • Last time you got angry
  • Last time you wept
  • Tell me your crush name
  • Your biggest mistake in life
  • Name of your biggest enemy
  • Call your ex and flirt with him / her
  • Call your ex and abuse him / her
  • Give me an ice-cream treat
  • Send me your picture right now
  • Propose me right now in a cutest way possible
  • Make a video call right now
  • Do a recharge of Rs. 100 now
  • What kind of relationship you expect from me

Now , the next dare is meant for people close to you. Others can try too , but the answer you expect is generally given by the ones you really care about. Rather , we could say that the ones who really care about you will surely respond once they see the caption. Seriously , who can live without food ? This one caters to common interests between you and the other person. Based on the common interest, we have come up with some creative answers that will surely make you look twice at the relationship!

Dare 8: Who Am I for You? Select one answer and I’ll tell you.

  • Chocolate..
  • Burger..
  • Pizza..
  • Sweets..
  • Pain Killer..
  • Cigarette..
  • Drugs..


  • Chocolate = Love me.
  • Pizza = Good Friends.
  • Burger = Time Pass.
  • Sweet = Best Friends.
  • Pain Killer = You Need Me.
  • Cigarette = Addict to Me.
  • Drugs = You Can’t Live Without Me.

These dares are not as numerous as the ones above, but these will actually just while away time for some time. No strings attached, no fixed answers, just pure unadulterated fun. The set will keep your ears hanging on to more gossip about what is happening right now!

Dare 9: Select between 1 to 10 and ready for dare


  • Be my BF/GF for one day
  • Keep my picture as your dp for one day
  • Propose to me
  • Make a recharge for Rs. 50 in my phone
  • Make a video call right now
  • Tell me your relationship status: are you single or committed?
  • Tell me the name of your crush
  • Tell me your bf/gf’s name
  • You are lucky , nothing to dare
  • Tell me your biggest secret

The next set of dares are actual dares. These ones are not to be given the the light hearted, considering the nature of the dares. Remember , procced with caution , and remember to have a great punishment if they fail to accomplish the task ! This one will bring out the young and crazy in everyone.

Dare 10: Select a number from 1-10, and get ready for some real dares. Post a story on what happened after.

Answer :

  • Buy a bar chocolate for your crush
  • Treat your friends
  • Put an embarrassing pouting selfie in your story for a day
  • Tell your best friend that you plan to move to another city.
  • Tell your mom that you have not eaten for a day.
  • Tell your dad that you lost your wallet.
  • Tell your crush that they have put on weight.
  • Walk up to an acquaintance or a friend of a friend, and ask them where they purchase their skin care products.
  • Keep winking at your friend across the class or across the canteen.
  • Make a prank call to any of your friends and record the conversation.

The next set of questions is very light , just talking about something that everyone loves around you. I meant chocolate , not you. Not that everyone around you does not love you , but no one would want to have died with too much of you , have they ? This set is very safe ,but also very temperamental. If they are actually going to buy the chocolates you have suggested , feel free to ask for one more for you !

Dare 11: Send me your favorite color from the rainbow , and I’ll tell you what chocolate you want now.

Answer :

  • Violet – Diary Milk Silk
  • Indigo – Oreos
  • Blue – Milky Way
  • Green – M & M s
  • Yellow – 5 Star
  • Orange – Reese’s Peanut butter Cups
  • Red – Kit Kat

With social media going viral with wanderlust, this dare can not only show you are up to trend, but praise you for your choices. If you can suggest the perfect spot for your friends to chill in their hectic year, you would surely be a friend they can never, ever live without! With such impeccable taste , you will surely establish yourself differently from others.

Dare 12: Send me a name of a month from a year , and I’ll tell you the perfect vacation spot in India.

Answer :

  • January – Bikaner , Rajasthan.
  • February – Thekkady, Kerala.
  • March – Madikeri , Karnataka.
  • April – Kalimpong, West Bengal.
  • May – Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh.
  • June – Kasol , Himachal Pradesh
  • July – Orchha , Madhya Pradesh.
  • August – Alapuzha , Kerala.
  • September – Port Blair ,Andaman Islands.
  • October – Rann of Kutchh , Gujarat.
  • November – Tarkali , Maharashtra.
  • December – Little Vagator , Goa.

Here is another set of dares that are mixed with personal questions that can catch a person off guard. Right move and the right time, these questions can move a boulder to tears! Just lay the questions, wait for people, send them the question from the set and watch the fun!

Dare 13: Send me the month you were born, and I’ll tell you a dare that will take guts!

Answer :

  • January – What is your deepest secret ?
  • February – Send me a selfie of you.
  • March – Send me a picture of your crush.
  • April – Send me a screenshot of your home page.
  • May – Post a story with a picture of your crush with no captions , and do not answer any questions.
  • June – What is your most embarrassing moment this year ?
  • July – Have a video call with an acquaintance or friend of a friend , now.
  • August – Send me a hundred heart emojis.
  • September – Using prediction on your keyboard , post a story of 3 lines.
  • October – Tell me what you like about your best friend.
  • November – What has given you most satisfaction till date ?
  • December – Post a song on your story for me.

The next set of dares is almost all related to something on social media. With people obsessing over their phones all day long , here is a dare that may not need them to look up ! This set could make sure everyone remains on their phone , probably excited about what may happen next.

Dare 14: Send me your battery percentage , and I’ll give you a dare.

Answer :

  • 100-91% – Change your WhatsApp status to my display picture.
  • 90-81% – What is your most favorite movie ?
  • 80-71% – Put a free hotspot for everyone around you till your battery almost runs out , and send a screenshot later.
  • 70-61 % – Wake me up for 10 days with the good morning texts.
  • 60-51% – Describe me in 140 characters.
  • 50-41% – Dance to a song , and send the video.
  • 40-31 % – What do you like and hate the most about me ?
  • 30-21% – What song are you currently listening to on repeat ?
  • 20-11% – Sing your favorite song and send it on WhatsApp.
  • 10-1% – Charge your phone for twenty minutes , and send me a screenshot.

It is time to bring out a dare so real , that you could potentially spot talent miles away. You would be seeing your friends move their fingers across the screen , hear their voices when they talk to you or hear their scream in public and be silently embarrassed. This dare , on the other hand , will let a person show his possible hidden talent. You and your friend could have so much fun , doing this all day long while people wonder how they missed such a obvious fact !

Dare 15: Pick a number from 1 to 10, I’ll send you a song name. Sing the song and send me a recording.


  • Buzz (Asthah Gill)
  • Sooraj dooba hain(Roy)
  • Aal is Well(3- Idiots)
  • Ae Dil Hai mushkil (Are Dil Hai Mushkil)
  • Sun Raha hai na tu(Aashiqui 2)
  • Dilbar(Satyamev Jayate)
  • Bon Diggy Diggy(Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety)
  • Kabira(Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani)
  • Mere Rashke Qamar( Baadshaho)
  • Apna Time Aayega (Gully Boy)

Though the next one seems more of a Tik Tok challenge, trying to recreate iconic characters from unforgettable movies is going to be tough. But the fun in watching and making videos as those characters gives us an excuse to let go , be free and have fun in front of the world !

Dare 16: Send me a number between 1-10 , and I’ll tell you a movie character. Post a video quoting a famous line from the character.

Answer :

  • The Joker (The Dark Knight)
  • Captain Jack Sparrow(Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • Inspector Closseau ( The Pink Panther)
  • Wolverine ( X-Men)
  • Yoda (Star Wars)
  • Iron Man ( Iron Man )
  • Darth Vader ( Star Wars)
  • James Bond ( James Bond Series)
  • Raj (DDLJ)
  • Rancho ( 3 Idiots)

The next set of questions is more of a classic. By judging the voice of a person ( so much for no judgement between people ) , we could predict the type of person they are. Though we can’t say we predict them with one hundred percent accuracy , we can.say we have confidently predicted the fun that ensure when you learn something about you or others that you really did not expect in the first place.

Dare 17: Choose a mobile app you prefer from the list , and I’ll tell something about your character.

  • Messaging
  • Phone
  • E-Mail
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Camera
  • Settings
  • Media
  • Snapchat

Answers :

  • Messaging- You are Old-school , traditional but reliable.
  • Phone – You are caring , and you value relationships very much.
  • E-Mail – You are very work-oriented , responsible and punctual.
  • WhatsApp – You are sociable , talkative and friendly.
  • Instagram – You are creative , high aesthetic sense and highly sociable.
  • Camera – You are creative, but you live right outside the moment with a eye for detail.
  • Settings – You are curious , inquisitive , and very knowledgeable.
  • Media – You are slightly introverted , but you have a incredibly high sense of self confidence.
  • Snapchat – You are social but very selective , slightly secretive but bro friendly.

This is another date that can be performed only by professional risk takers.

Okay , just kidding. But be careful. The game can be made even more difficult than it already is by asking them to put up a story even to blocked and restricted contacts on WhatsApp.

Dare 18: This is the dirty dare challenge. Text me a number from 1-8 , and change your WhatsApp bio and status to the pun being sent.

Answer :

  • My favorite animal is definitely a beaver.
  • The gardeners mainly trim rough bushes.
  • Lion tamers always tame the wild pussy.
  • I don’t play sports but I can handle the balls very well.
  • A new map has been found to El-Dorado ,the City of Gold. The excavation team says G marks the spot.
  • My favorite profession is being a detective. There is a lot of undercover work.
  • Word of the day is Legs. Now go spread the word.
  • NASA sends probe to Uranus, people everywhere giggle.

The next dare game is a set of dares for friends , acquaintances and your lover. Feel free , ask them the questions you always wanted to ask them using this as an excuse. Remember , the penalties can be really fun too !

Dare 19: Text a letter from the alphabet for a crazy dare that will set everything around you on fire !


A. Write” I am the love of your life in your” sorry with the nickname of your crush.
B. Tell me your partner’s nickname.
C. Send me your best picture.
D. Save my contact as “I Love You”.
E. Tell me your greatest secret.
F. Make me laugh.
G. Send me a funny meme.
H. Tell me what is the craziest thing you have done with your partner.
I. Ask me out sometime soon.
J. Buy me the an expensive present .Instead , you could kiss me whenever you meet me afterwards. Is the deal ok or great ?
L. Tell me what you think of me.
M. Send me a voice note saying “I Love You”.
N. Tell me the name of your lover.
O. Tell me your stupidest moment that you have not yet revealed to anyone.
P. Flirt with me till I blush 😂
Q. Send me a video of you confessing something.
R. Tell me why you like me.
S. Put my picture as your DP for 24 hours.
T. Ask me to marry you.
U. Just simply text me ,”I love You “. Followed by a hundred heart emojis. Kissy face is also encouraged.
V. Send me a pic of you.
W. Tell me your nickname.
X. Tell me your GF/BF’s name
Y. Arrange a romantic candlelight dinner for me.
Z. Write a poor joke you have made on your status .

The next thing that you can do on WhatsApp is forward brain readers to relax tired minds that have worked throughout the day. A light pop quiz with emojis and see put of the box thinking can give your friends the quick break they need while keeping their momentum going. Well done !

Dare 20: 15 Indian Cities names are hidden within the below-given clues, discover out all of them and inform me the names of all cities.

8.🕌 🛏



Now , not all dares need to be about the other person. This time , you can take the initiative to see what the other person thinks of you , or how much they know about you. This can help you reevaluate your options in life. You can pamper yourself with the game. Quite a few find memories can be shared by you with yourself with this.

Dare 21: Text me a question from 1 to 10 , and I will ask you a question you should answer honestly.

Answer :

  1. The nickname you always wants to call me?
  2. What type of relationship do you expect from me?
  3. What is that one thing that I have to change my character?
  4. Which habit of mine do you hate most?
  5. In which type of dresses you always want to see me?
  6. Describe our relationship with three sentences.
  7. Do you want something more than friendship from me?
  8. What is my contact name on your mobile?
  9. What are the things you like in me the most?
  10. Which color dresses suits me best?

Here is something fun you could put up as your status. There is no thinking, no time, just laughter ringing throughout!

Dare 22: Send me your name in secret code using the formula shown. Better hurry or you wouldn’t have the chance to know mine!

A= ka, B= tu, C= mi, D= te,

E= ku, F= lu, G= ji, H= ri,
I= ki, J= zu ,K= me, L= ta,
M= rin, N= to, O= mo, P= no

Q= ke, R= shi, S= ari, T= chi, U= do,
V= ru, W= mei, X= na, Y= fu, Z= zi.

The next dare may seem repetitive if you have seen the above games, but the use of emojis makes an unpredictable pattern unlike the other dares mentioned above! That is quite the amount of risk to pack in those tiny cute emojis !

Dare 23 :😘 😚 😍 😙 😜 😝 😄 😀 😊 😉 😳 😭 ☺ 😣 😂 😥 😰 😅


😘 – Tell me something about your personal life.
😚 – Give me ice cream when you see me next.
😍 – Write my name on your status for 6 hours.
😙 – Tell me who was your first kiss.
😜 – Send me a picture of your crush.
😄 – Send me your funniest picture.
😀 – What do you want to tell others behind my back about me I?
😊 – Make a funny video and send it to me.
😉- Hug me tight when you see me.
😭- Describe me in 3 lines.
☺ – Tell me your deepest secret.
😣 – Tell me honestly ,whom do you love?
😂 – Propose to me right now.
😰 – Tell me something that has you worried now.

Now , here is another actual brain teaser to get your creative juices flowing through your brain !

Dare 24 :

While inspecting his last-known location,
officers find a note:

710 57735 34 5508 51 7718

Currently there are 3 suspects:
Bill, John, and Todd.

Can you break the detective’s code
and find the criminal’s name?

Bill is the suspect, if read upside down the numbers read,

“Bill is Boss. He sells Oil.”
Sometimes it’s real sometimes we fake it,
None of us knows why do we make it.
If remove first letter it’s a unit,
Sometimes we show off sometimes we mean it.

What is it ?


Smile 🙂

Nowdays, the people who are using whatsapp and any another social platform are playing these whatsapp dare games. Whatsapp Dare Games are more popular in Boys,Girls,Friend,Lovers. Also, for many people these dare games are way of playing things on internet

My Opinion

Hope you like Whatsapp dares. Please play with your friends and have fun. You can improvise and add more masala into it if you like. Do remember you can change the dare for anyone in particular. Have fun playing!


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